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Attack in NYC at 9:11 A.M.

It is Tuesday morning in New York City. Near the sacred site we call Ground Zero, a bomb explodes. Perhaps coincidentally or perhaps not, the bomb goes off at precisely eleven minutes after nine – 9:11.


Have terrorists again struck Lower Manhattan? Is it an attack or a warning? Why has this happened?


The bombing takes place in a flower shop. It kills everyone inside and threatens to bring the floors above it down. One man, however, having just stepped outside the shop’s front door, is seriously injured but lives. He lives in Queens, but is originally from Afghanistan. And he works at World Trade Center 1. He immediately becomes everyone’s Number One Suspect - everyone that is, but Detective Toro Rodriguez, a veteran NYPD investigator.

Quickly on the scene because he happened to be close by, Rodriguez comes face-to-face with the bigotry he so often encounters. Citizens, media and, worst of all, his professional colleagues are quick to judge. Especially when the “person of interest” is named Farhad Waziri.


Rodriguez recognizes his obligation to learn the truth about who is responsible for the chaos stemming from the bombing. He will investigate this lone survivor like any other suspect. But he will not be so quick to judge.

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