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Updated: Sep 7, 2023

I plan to "blog" weekly, although I have not decided on which day of the week I'll be posting. But I promise to try to consistent once I make that decision. Topics will be wide-ranging and I am very open to your suggestions. After all, this site has more to do with YOU than it does to me.

I will tell you what my goals are for this blog, for the website, for my short stories, for my novels - for all of my writing efforts. It is to entertain YOU. I'm not trying to get rich, although I would like very much to not go broke in this endeavor. I do not dream of becoming famous. Really! How many famous people do you know who are truly happy? Fame is an addictive drug, one I very much want to avoid.

I simply want to entertain my readers. So, feedback is appreciated. I would even say it's expected. So, please comment and do not be afraid to let me know how you think I might improve my writing. I will be dropping many of my short stories (most at no cost). I may compile them at some point into a collection. Hey, Hemingway did it. So can I.

Novel excerpts may appear at times. But the novels will cost you! Not much though. I will introduce them at very low costs and the prices will never rival the Patterson, Grisham, or Rowling prices. You can rest assured I'll be working hard to please my readers.

If you have a story idea, please, make your pitch. You never know. I might write one, run it by you to see if you want your name attached, and we can give it a go together. Then, you can be famous!

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